Knocked out but back stronger!

Hurrrrrrray people! Look who’s back! Meeeeeeeeeeee! Lol. I hope I’m not the only one excited that I’m back from my long writing sabbatical.

Okay, so the story goes thus:
I have been down with writer’s block.:'(:'(:'(

Sad, init? Such a short sad story. And so I wanted to write for you all but writer’s block kept me back. I didn’t want to come here to rant alone.

And a whole lot has happened in the course of the space of time I’ve been away. I made it into the NHEF scholars class of 2017!!! People have been asking what that entails. It just gives me a platform for internship with the best firms in the country.

Can you believe I met Kemi Adeosun? Yes I did. The very minister of finance. She happens to be sister in law to the boss of Kuraimo Capital, the company that runs the NHEF program.
The program was insightful and beautiful. I cannot even say it all here at once.

I should've cut the picture. Laziness caused this. Had to screenshot it

But when the good news comes about the firm I’ll be interning with, I’ll be sure to keep you all informed.

However, I need suggestions on how to make this blog better. I need to know what interests you when you read my posts…is there something more I should add? Something I should cut back on?
Just drop your comment in the comment box.

In the meantime, I’m learning French too. I also would begin chess lessons next week courtesy Preshylala.

Wish me well.

Kindly put in a comment and read other posts. You’d definitely be glad you did.

©Opara Chizaram 2017


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