Like sperm cells
Fighting to meet with the egg
You are caught in the web
Of competition,
A case of survival
Of the fittest.
You rally,
Bid, vye-
For the position
Of ‘iyawo’.
You have been told
You are the side chick
You know it
But yet, choose to persevere,
To withstand,
To endure:
Thinking that
You will be crowned
With a ring
Having fully passed
The test of loyalty
To a man
Who thinks he is king.
Someday, you’ll be broken hearted
You will sit
and cry
and laugh
And wail
At the fact
That you delayed
In moving on
While aiming for the coveted position

©Opara Chizaram Adaobi

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©Opara Chizaram 2017


2 Replies to “IYAWO”

  1. Iyawo exudes the classic African Woman trying to a fight for a Classic African Man.

    But Iyawo must learn that the world has changed and quit racing to please a Man. She must be an Independent strong Black woman.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this zara. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Emeka. This is could pass as a succint summary of what Iyawo entails, who she is. And indeed she must become an independent woman…or lose out in her fight for a man.

      This a whole new way to interpret this poem. I am glad to know you enjoyed it.
      Thanks for reading.


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