# ToBeAnOldMaid

Adaugo was almost thirty. No suitors were forthcoming. She was going to be thirty in the next six months. Successful as she was, society denied that she was a woman without a husband to crown her and a husband’s name to crown her name.

Eight years ago, the story had been a different one. She had received over twenty marriage proposals when she was at the age of twenty. She had refused all with the excuse that she wanted to be self made before marriage.

After all, couldn’t a woman be independent and successful without a man? She had achieved that. But had lost the men’s appeal. Perhaps many of those men were simply intimidated with her achievements.

She had told herself that she’d be married before she clocked thirty. She had achieved all the goals she had set in life. Marriage wouldn’t be an exception. She told herself she was going to be married before her thirtieth birthday whether she had to buy the marriage or not.

She was not going to be like her Aunty Subechi who was fifty and unmarried. She didn’t want to be an old maid, and an unmarried one at that.

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©Opara Chizaram 2017


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