The signs of death


Death is a topic that once it comes up in whatever form, everyone gets pensive, scared or sad.

My friend recently lost her dad. It was painful. The saddest part was that he died shortly before Christmas. I’m sure that while we all merried and laughed and smiled, she wallowed in pain, tears and sadness.

That’s the thing. Death brings with it sadness.

The focus for today however is not the effect of death but the signs thereof.

Concerning my friend’s dad death, I overhead some elders saying how he had not shown any sign that he’d die soon.

That got me. I’ve heard about how people exhibit certain behaviours that point to the fact that they may be dying soon. Some even speculate that when a person is about to die, he or she will know and hence, the signs that they are said to exhibit.

They saw, the person may begin to speak in some strange way that you would shake off while he or she is alive but remember at his or her death and be able to point it as a sign of the eventual death.

Some say there’s an action to it. Maybe a nicer way of addressing people, putting their house in order.

However, I don’t exactly believe that people portray signs of death. We Nigerians, being very superstitious are quick to attribute every event to something symbolic or give it some spiritual interpretation. These words or actions could be very innocent and made with the maker unaware of his or her impending death.

If everyone knew exactly when they’d die, everyone will put their house in order. These are my thoughts.

Do you think there are signs of death? You could share them in the comment box.

Kindly put in a comment and read other posts. You’d definitely be glad you did.

©Opara Chizaram 2017


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