June Catchup


Hey everyone. Been a while. Who missed me? I definitely missed you all.

Laziness has made me unable to make a single post. This is coupled with the fact that power has been erratic and my charger is ineffective.

I can’t believe this is my first post in June. Should I be saying happy new month? Okay. Since we missed that greeting and we are catching up, I’ll just let it out “Happy new month”.

Now back to the real catch up. On May 29, 2017, just last month, the Vice Chancellor of my school sent us all home because the students staged a protest for lack of ID cards and other stuffs termed welfare. I really would not like to go into the details. However, the bottom line is that my school: The University of Ibadan is on a 7weeks strike. Quite a long period I tell you.  This is the fourth week into the strike.

I didn’t go home. Some of my family members feel I don’t exactly enjoy home. But the thing is, I decided to stay to do certain things that I am passionate about and would not be able to do from home; things like teaching the kids at JumpStart Academy.

That aside,one of my poems was selected among the top 100 poems in the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize award and is to be published in their poetry anthology. This is a major achievement for me. I was to go for the award in Enugu but couldn’t make it down there as a result of the far distance.

I also came second in an half marathon organised by my faculty on behalf of Professor Bamgbose. It was fulfilling as I came second amongst the females and got awarded 15,000 naira. I got my first cheque ever.

This picture was before the race

What else have I done so far? I’ve been sitting, playing, traveling, trying to read and making new friends. Above all, I’ve been striving hard to make impact.

How has your June been so far? Hope its been better than mine.

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

If you enjoyed it, let me know through your comments.


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