Once Upon A Princess


Today, I saw a match parade event. It was presented by little kids of a primary school. What struck me most, was not the pompom and dance that the little children performed. Rather, it was the look of the kings and their queens. It got me thinking of my childhood.

I was never a princess. I was never any one’s princess. Never a flower girl for someone’s wedding (at least none that I know of). Never a princess in the play. Never a princess in a parade.


Even up till date, I’ve not been in a bridal train that isn’t my family member’s. And this thought makes me feel like maybe I’m a frog😥( like really, who did I offend na? Its not like I’m that ugly kwa).
Maybe I’m not a princess but a frog that needs some antidote to break the spell.

I know the antidote quite alright. Someone should simply make me a princess. How you say?
Crown me. ( Make me your chief bridesmaid!)

I don’t exactly need anyone to make me a princess though. I think I’ve always been more like a queen. The queen. I’ve crowned myself with honour, self respect and virtues of love.


And I’ve crowned myself with a smile that hardly ever fades. And though I wish I had played the   roles through the course of my life, I am glad to have found the princess in me…who has matured to be a queen.


NB: You can still contact me to be your bridesmaid o. And I don’t mind being a groom’s woman sef. (okay. This sounds desperate.)

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

If you enjoyed it, let me know through your comments.


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