To the whistle blowers

To the whistle blowers

Ekare! Eku ise! Daalu!
You have done well,
Helping us get justice
Served on our corrupt leaders;
Blowing your whistles
To caution the players on the field
Of theft, robbery, bribery
Players of the team of our nation,
Who have made foul plays.
Dishing out red cards
And yellow cards
To repeated offenders

Whistle blower
You have come
In place of our Prosecutors
Acting as our own City hunter
Making those who thought they owned the state,
Or rather its goods
Give up the state they had stolen
And the goods likewise.

You are the radical Judge,
The anonymous Prosecutor,
The new Executive,
Gathering percentages of the Revealed Stolen funds,
Shares quite chunky
We begin to question
Whether you are stealing from us too
In an “anonymous and just” manner.

We are confused.
Do we applaud you
Or criticise you as well?
Do you blow the whistle
For your personal gain
Or for the good of the nation-
We, the People?

A lot of us want your job
It would make us richer
We even joke.
Whistle blower,
Blow your whistle right
Let justice be served
And your conscience right.

©Opara Chizaram 2017

PS: The idea of whistle blowing is one that right now in Nigeria, involves being an anonymous and unnamed informant to the Police in ratting out Politicians with stolen public funds.

The whistle blowers usually give law enforcement agents tip offs on these politicians coupled with where the money is hidden.

They get a specific percentage of  the money once it is recovered.

Thus, whistle blowing has become a controversial activity as some question whether indeed its for justice it is done or for the money.

I even suspect that some other politicians who have stolen in more organized ways are the ones whistle blowing. Either ways, we may see reasons to laud the whistle blower and the association thereof.

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

Tell me what you think of it in the comment section.


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