Keep the change bruh

If you are in Nigeria and especially in Ibadan at the moment and you have no idea what #keepthechange is about then you must be really antisocial. Anyways, I’m here for you:mrgreen:

Here’s a couple of pictures to describe what went down, how it went and the effect afterwards.

So apparently, the guy was pained and was trying to diss the girl. But as a strong black woman, she showed him she was above dissing
See the good tidings that befell the girl



Dunno how true this is


Boy got the bitter taste of his own medicine back.



I particularly was inspired and excited about the girl’s response.
Guys can’t keep taking us for granted. We should be independent and strong.

Moral lesson: Don’t mess with an independent woman.

NB: It really happened. The lady is a 300l student of Sociology in my school.

Meanwhile, you can check out a featured post I have on Terrabuz

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

Tell me what you think of it in the comment section.


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