I Eat Amala Every Mondays Now


Above, is a picture of the plate of already finished amala(yam flour) with ponmo(cow skin) remaining. It occurred to me  to take the picture when I had finished eating.

So, I realized or I’ve always known that I could be as routinized as anything. I sit at the same place every time unless something comes up and yadi yada yada. Anyways, I always order jollof rice or white rice from the canteen/cafeteria everytime. And I’ve been talking about how I stop that( to myself).

It all started to change, on a beautiful Monday, when I had to go to JSA( a place I teach as a volunteer) in the evening after a long tiring day coupled with a fast.

As I was returning back, I happened to notice a cafeteria. My plan was to eat rice as I normally would. However, the seller confessed to me that the rice was smaller in comparison to the amala* at whatever price.

After seeing her serve a lady a hundred Naira’s worth of amala, I jumped on the opportunity. And that was how, with two hundred Naira I was fully satisfied with Amala.

I decided there and then, to be eating amala every Monday, on my return from JSA. So, here you have it, I now eat Amala on Mondays. Its been about Four weeks now and it feels real good.

If like me, you are a creature of habit and routine, you could try changing your usual diet. Stop ordering the usual and do something new!

Amala*…Plantain flour made into moulds to be eaten with Soups. Its from the Yoruba tribe.

Ewedu and Gbegiri*… Green leaf soup and beans paste soup that go really great alongside Amala.

JSA*…Jump Start Academy. A place where I get to interact with some really great and intelligent kids.

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

Tell me what you think of it in the comment section.


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