I Think I Can Act😁


Hey lovelies!
So today, I’m talking about the acting skills I think I possess.
Hehehe. If you’ve been following my posts or know me really well, you’ll know by now that I could be dramatic sometimes. Thing is, I’ve always believed I have an acting talent but my shyness would not allow me showcase myself.

To help myself, I joined the drama unit of my church…not essentially for drama but for poetic recitations. We are called Creative Impact, so everything creative works for us.

They’ve made me feature in about three acts but I’ve only gotten roles where I don’t get to talk so much. This is because I told them I’m not much of an actor.

Anyways, back to the gist. The director of Creative Impact, who happens to be my friend, was informed of an audition for some drama series or film( I think). I decided to follow her for moral support.

On getting there, I decided on a whim, though a bit unsure, to try out too since the auditions were free and you didn’t have to have registered before hand. I even got the encouragement of the receptionist in charge of the registration of the actors there to audition.

In panic and anxiety, I waited. It was with so much joy that I received the food packs that were given to us, those who registered, before we even had to go in for our turns( imagine I had not registered. I most likely wouldn’t have gotten food).

Anyways, it got to my turn, I acted the roles I was told to play. I didn’t do too excellent enough to wow them. But I did real good(in my estimation). I felt so much joy and excitement to have overcome a fear that I have  always had.

So now, yes, I think I can act. And I’m excited about it!:)

I’ve not been called back. No one has. But even if I don’t get called back. It is an achievement to me. Maybe I’ll still act. Lol.

I have been made a superwoman, wanting to do everything I can lay my hands on.

Wish me well.

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

Tell me what you think of it in the comment section.


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