The Prison


The prison is a sad place to be.
The prison is an unhappy place. It’s a cage. First you start off trying to survive. Later, you get used to it.

Freedom gets lost in your vocabulary especially when you are faced with a life imprisonment sentence.

You are faced with a life imprisonment sentence because you killed a man. You killed a man and you do not remember why or how.

First you were both drunk, arguing. Later, he was on the floor with blood spilling out of his head and a broken bottle in your hands. You did not know what happened. You still don’t.

You had never been a passionate person when arguing. Perhaps it was the alcohol. The alcohol. It was your first time consuming it. It was going to be your last.

You had been angry or rather depressed. You had lost your job of twelve years the same day. You had also lost your girlfriend to a sickness she had long battled- cancer. To make it worse, you had been robbed of your car when you stopped at a store to get some grocery. You were simply devastated.

You had gone to the comfort of the bottle you never once admired. You had heard people drowned their sorrows with it.

You wanted to drown your sorrow. You needed to drown your sorrow. You did drown your sorrow. But you got another sorrow.

You have been two years in the prison. You no longer have light in your eyes. You are employed but for the state. It’s some hard labour that you don’t get paid for. Except you decide to count the sad story of a meal that you get served twice on a daily basis. You no longer engage in arguments. It is the reason you are here in the first place.

You are now a “girlfriend” to a man like you who has constantly raped you till you gave into it “will-lessly”.

This prison is a prison. Its a sad life behind the wall. The walls. You sit and wait for the walls to either crumble or vanish.

“Mr Frank, your lawyer is here to see you”. This is the voice of the prison warden.

You go to see your lawyer and you are blessed with good news. News better than what you’ve gotten for two years.
You have been released on parole.
Now you can see the light of day.
The wall has finally crumbled!
The prison is behind you and now you can smile.

“Mr Frank, you have a visitor”. This is the voice of the prison warden.

You stand up and proceed to the room where visitors are received. You wonder who your visitor is. Perhaps your lawyer who is working on a parole for you.

You get there. And you see a face you are totally familiar with. It is you lawyer, Barrister John. You are hopeful its news about the parole. He tells you, “your car has been found”. It is as though he expects you to derive joy from the news. He gives you your car keys. Helpless keys they are.
As if the keys could drive you into freedom. As if you could drive anything from the cage you were in. You leave him with a ‘thank you’. But indeed, you feel no gratitude towards him.

Later in the evening, they find you dead. You had died in your sleep. No one knows, that it is the dream you have of a hopeless freedom that finally kills you.

Before you died, you had seen the walls, the wretched walls crumble. You had seen them vanish. You had seen them level. And with every closing breathe, you had escaped this prison.

NB: I’m trying my hands on flash fictions. I’ll love to read your comments.

PS: If like Emmanuel, you prefer a more unconventional ending, then the second ending was added for you. Enjoy

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

Tell me what you think of it in the comment section.


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