Her V Him: A message to both genders

TELL IT TO HER  By Ibrahim Evergreen

Tell it to her
When she was birthed
She had neither gold nor silver
She came not with diamond
Nor bronze and colourful fits
She came without shelter
Nor the ride she crushes on
The life she wants to catch
Is a day to catch her

Tell it to her
When she grows nipples
And homage is paid to her flat chest
As hair fill her pubic
When she wears paints and chains
And when foundation takes her face
Her grandma grows scars
As she patently waits for death to come
Say it to her when her pride is high
‘Your grandma was once like you’

Tell it to her
When the man takes her home
To an under-roof she loves to be
When she bares him the seed of the womb
And her beauty fades with every birth
When her days are counting over
As she celebrates her children upon grace
Say it to her ears with pride
That her days are over soon

Tell it to her
When her resting home is dug
Feet below the earth surface
And her children weep
As she’s prayed paradise upon
When her face is covered with sand
And her mouth could not open to say
‘All the lies and all the truths told
All the secrets she told to none
All the looks that she threw
And all the things she made gone’
Say it to her grave with pride
“Life is not a bed of roses”


Tell it to him
When he was birthed
As every human was
So was he.
He came not with the right to sit
On haughty airs
Expecting a woman
To cook his food
Or wash his clothes
Or manage the children
Just because his mother had
In the cliché order he had met.

Tell it to him
When he grows hairs
On his maturing chest
And muscles as he keeps fit
He has no right
To raise his hands
At a woman or even a man
In caution of a wrong done
Only self defense can suffice.

Tell it to him
He is not meant to be strong
He can cry a river if he wants
Responsibilities are not just his
They are everyone’s.
He can swallow his ego
And discard the ideology
They call man-pride
As pride is pride
Whether a woman holds it or a man
He is just as human as the next woman.

Tell it to him
When he takes a woman home
Under a roof he thinks she loves
And she bares him seed of the womb
And her beauty fades with every birth
When her days are counting over
That his days are too
And he isn’t growing any younger
He should celebrate their children too.
Say it to his ears with pride
That he may be leaving sooner than her
Even survey reports have shown.

Tell it to him
When his resting home is dug
Six feet deep into the ground
And his wife and children weep
As he is laid to rest in peace
That he must have left in peace
Leaving a will that wouldn’t cause
Unnecessary brawls and brouhaha
Not fathering a child
Behind his ‘only’ wife’s back
All the lies and truths be told
All the secrets he told not.

All the truths he had thrown
At random women, lustily
And all the mistakes he made while he was
Say it to his grave with pride
“Man is human and life must end”.

©Opara Chizaram 2017

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

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