For Pastor Ken

I’m typing this post after many tears. Its not that someone died, but someone who has made impact in my life
(My Pastor) is leaving and will be missed.


For Pastor Ken

Who’d be my friend
My smiling partner
My leader and my Pastor
Like you have been?

Who has seen a pastor like mine?
Had one like him?
Have you ever been hugged so good
That your fears disappear?
Or preached to so much
That your faith has no choice but to show up?

Have you ever been pushed so hard,
For a success that is even yours?
Or helped out in your responsibility?
Or given help when money seems to be absent?

Have you ever been told
‘I love you’
With that cute sincere smile?

He gave me his shoulders to lean on
And wasn’t ashamed to lean on mine
He drove to school once
Showcased me as though I was the most promising star.

He saw me as a star
I am the most promising star
If I cry a bucket of tears
It is not for you to mock.

Have you had a pastor like mine,
Who cared about your feeding dislikes
And would modify the feeding plan,
Just to suit your taste?

A man so selfless,
Someone who gave his all.
He lived for others
And I’m sure he still will.

Who will share my love for law,
And laugh at my immature acts,
Drawing me close in those loving hands,
Where perfect love resides,
Casting out my fears?

I have cried a bucket.
I’ll most likely cry more.
This void you’ve left,
It’ll take time to be filled.

©Opara Chizaram Adaobi

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

Tell me what you think of it in the comment section.


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