How I Became A Law Student

I don't have a picture with the lawyer's wig and gown.

This is a story I love to tell. Hehe. I love telling stories actually. So, many think its made up but its actually nonfiction.

I have always fancied law from my childhood. My favorite older cousin was sure she was going to do law. And sure she did. She’s a lawyer now( the one who hands down her textbooks to me now). I looked up to her so much that I also wanted to do law.

I loved talking and I could argue another person’s case whether I knew them or not. So,everyone agreed with the dream of course.

And then, I got to senior secondary school and although, knowing that my dad would have preferred me being in the sciences, my lazy self opted for the arts that I was so much in love with.

And when I started literature and government in details, I started wavering in my intention to become a lawyer. I thought, literature might be a great course to study. I love writing and reading stories and literary articles so why not? Next, I considered economics( in fact, I was gonna still do ICAN together with my law degree). And then came a desire to study Mass Communication. You should know that I’m a big talker. I can talk a dead man to death.

Anyways, I picked law in jamb as a matter of fulfilling all righteousness. I told God, that if they didnt pick me for law, then I’d know he wanted me to study another course preferably the communications and language arts I picked as second choice.

As God will have it, I was picked for law. And I’m grateful to God.
Now, I’m so much in love with law that I can’t see myself studying something else regardless of all the hitches I’ve faced.

However, my love for law really started when I saw some policemen torturing a full grown man, a bike rider actually. They were beating him and all for something he did or didn’t do. I was really angry. Like why would you beat a grown man like that in public when he didn’t steal or something. I was aggrieved. I needed to fight for people’s human Rights. I was sure I’d be an human Rights lawyer.
I later found out that their act actually violated that man’s right to dignity of person as contained in S34 of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria as ammended.

So here is it. This is how I ended up in law and doing law. Might I add also that I got exactly the cut off mark for Law that year. I guess God just really needed me to be in law to right many wrongs.

Now, although I still don’t know what branch of law I’ll delve into, I know I will be making impact however.

Thanks for taking time out to read this post.:mrgreen:

Tell me what you think of it in the comment section.


8 Replies to “How I Became A Law Student”

  1. My course was pciked out by my neighbour when I was ready to apply to the university. She thought it was a great fit for me and since I didn’t have any other opposition i agreed. It’s an awesome course and I enjoyed every bit of it. Accepted the stress and also the admiration that comes with having to study such course. Engineering course. If i have to go back in time to study a science course, I don’t see myself changing to something other than that course.
    But I have other options I would have enjoyed to study if I were either commercially or Arts inclined in high school studies

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    1. Wow. Really? Its good you are in love with your course notwithstanding how you chose it or rather how it was chosen for you. Lol.
      I think God uses things, people and circumstances to usher us into the right paths.

      Thanks for stopping by.😀😀😀

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  2. Thank you for sharing your uplifting story. I’m actually an English major who recently discovered an interest in law. Knowing nothing about it, I took a Legal Writing course semester where we studied the Serial podcast; this exposed how we need to improve our flawed legal system. Next, I interned at the Public Defender’s Office in delinquency. I remember witnessing how this one judge would take time to just talk with the delinquents. These teenagers walked into the courtroom broken, but always left motivated after speaking with this judge. I think it was in that moment that I realized how we can use the law to make practical and visible changes. I think your aspiration in becoming a Human Rights lawyer is an admirable one and I wish you all the success in that path. 🙂


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