Lately: Goals, Visions and Purposes.


Heyyy! It’s been a while! I have longed to post something for a long time now but I have been at loss as to what to post about.

So school resumed this week and I had a reunion with my friends and classmates whom I had not seen since 2016. There was a lot of happy new years in the air(at least from me). And I enjoyed seeing everyone back again.

My friend Debby came back to school with the need to pursue goals, visions and purpose. We got talking and she really wanted me to create a goal, vision and purpose that I’d pursue relentlessly. You see, Debby loves me too much.

You may be wondering if I actually am clueless as to my goals and aspirations. But that’s not the case. I’ve been doing so much. I like to always be busy actually. So I’ve been involved in volunteering, debating club, athletics, church, at a time I worked and then I aspired to run for a political post. She knows as I also do, that I have been getting my hands into a lot of things. And her fear(probably) is that rather than channel my energy into many things and become a jack of all trade and master of none, I should channel it into one or two things I’m most passionate about. That makes so much sense.

I actually went for a media training yesterday for people who wanted to be media personalities on radio or on TV. It was educative and informative and I learnt a lot!

Debby’s fears(my opinion) which also mirror mine, was dispelled at that seminar. One of the students asked the professionals a question,”at what age or time did you know you were going to be a radio presenter?”
He replied that he stumbled upon it by mistake although, when he looked back, he realized that some of his actions had helped him train for the job. He also said something about people in their forties and fifties who still don’t know what they want to be. He taught us to seize opportunities and know how to harness them.

It should be noted that most of the professionals that were there to enlighten us happened to stumble upon the field of on-air presenting. Some later on had to take additional courses and brush up on other skills.

Even while in the field, many of them multi-task with other engagements at the side that earn them money. For some, the side engagements pay far more than their radio jobs do.

It then occurred to me that I’m really young and may not necessarily have my mind fixated on one thing that I want to do in life. I like having multiple options and choices available. I don’t want to be streamlined but it doesn’t mean I’m not focused.

Whether I’m volunteering, doing church work, being a politician , being a teacher, a lawyer or whatever it is that I put my hands into, my goal never changes and I think that’s the basic thing. Your goals guide your vision. Your goals define your purpose.

My goal in life is to make impact, to put smiles on the faces of people, to leave a positive impression in their hearts and minds when I meet them and even after we have long departed from one another’s company.

So if you are like me, always doing something or many things and thinking that you are doing too much, don’t worry. Just make sure the things you are doing align with your goals. Stay focused and true to your goals and with that, you can achieve anything.

Every single thing I have delved into as an extracurricular activity since I got into school,I have had strong passion for and the passion hasn’t died. Sometimes, I do things on a whim, but they have never caused me regret.

Even my writing is to make impact and so, I believe, as long as my goal is consistent, my vision and purpose are not far from being fulfilled.

The basic thing is to have a goal that you will tirelessly pursue. Have a goal! Have a goal! Have a goal!

And if you can, I’ll love to see you share your goal in the comment session.

NB: This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a clear-cut vision and purpose. Some people know what they want from the onset. But others like me, get to stumble upon them.

This is also a thank-you to Debby. She has impacted my life in more ways than I can say. This blog is an example. If not for Debby, you all will probably not be reading this blog or this post.


8 Replies to “Lately: Goals, Visions and Purposes.”

  1. Sighs! I feel like you wrote this for me. I kept telling myself at the end of last semester that I was too involved in many things and needed to focus on less and maybe just my academics. But now I know our goals can’t be too much as long as it’s what brings us fulfillment. Thanks for writing this β™₯

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  2. I honestly enjoyed this post because it spoke to me and reminded of a question someone asked me earlier this week. He said “What’s next afterwards (NYSC)?” I replied “Job hunting.” He asked again “No extra degree in mind?” That was when I confessed saying “Honestly, I have no definite plan.”
    I spoke with a few colleagues who were also serving and their answers were indefinite.
    For someone like me who has a basic skill in photography and writing, and also a first degree, indefinite shouldn’t describe my plans. Many people fall into this category of numerous abilities and involvement. It us seminars and blogposts like this that’ll make such individuals channel their energies into self-fulfillment. Thumbs up!

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  3. Hey baby!
    What can I say?
    One of the best things about deciding what your vision in life is, is that it provokes you to consider and to upset the fine seams of your life. To question and unruffle and know.
    Thanks for understanding my position.
    Keep putting a smile on all our faces.

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