Motivation Tuesday


Be Motivated

Holed up in the tiny square
Of low self esteem
And feelings
Of inadequacy,
You have sank low
And dazzle no more;
You have become a shadow
Of another’s reflection
Save, you are the contrary;
You have told yourself
‘I Can’t’, for too long.

Its time to stand up!
Its time to believe
That ‘you can’!
Your abilities are limitless
And your results are boundless.

Can you not see?
That you are intelligent and smart,
Beautiful and Unique?
Do you not see
The potential within
Yet untapped?

Arise ye lad.
Arise and begin
To take those steps
To the path of your greatness;
Those steps you once dreaded to thread.
Awake from this quagmire
Of inadequacy
And live life knowing
You are capable
Of endless possibilities.

©Opara Chizaram 2017

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