My fight with faith.

The inspiration to write this stemmed from my ‘off and on’ struggle with faith especially when faced with difficult and persistent situations.


Faith, the bible defines, is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of this not seen. In simpler terms, faith is believing in what is yet not a reality but seeing it as one.

The christian faith is such that one even needs faith to believe and receive Jesus Christ. It is a faith life! You can hardly separate faith from the Christian walk. It then becomes pertinent that to keep on in the faith, one has to have faith which is to grow increasingly with changing levels.

Faith is a gift of the spirit which some people have in mighty measured. These ones possess the faith that is unshakable, capable of moving mountains. It is this gift of faith that I covet greatly.

My little measure of faith,sometimes seems to me to be nothing as big as

the mustard seed.

It hardly has moved mountains and that’s because I’m always on a rise and fall basis in my battle with faith.

I know the bible says we should have faith. Nevertheless, I think I am as well in another battle that involves a fight for faith.


Sometimes, when situations that are difficult arise, I stay unmoved, confident that it will be better. I keep on praying regarding the issue.
However, when it persists for so long, I begin to question myself, my faith and my God. My prayers become accusatorial. Doubt and uncertainty begin to sink my faith. I then begin to speak to myself; out loud or within, trying so hard to convince my self not to lose hope. That God is God everyday whether I have a right to be angry with him or not.
This is the fight I have with faith. This is my fight for faith.

It is tough most times. Sometimes, I have to search the Bible to read up and meditate on what God says about that situation. I begin to make confessions. Some other times, I listen to messages of faith to lift my spirit up.
Certain other times however, I just give up and say ‘whatever will happen will happen’.
This is the struggle I face.

I don’t know if you face it too. This post is not only for me to share my weakness and lament. It is also to lift you up and encourage you.

My pastor recently preached a message that could be summarized thus: ‘Whenever Jesus shows up is the right time.He is never too late.’

This message is a word I’ve decided to hold on to. So now, even as I fight the fight for faith, I intend to hold on, believing,confessing, saying to myself … “Whenever Jesus decides to show up is the right time. He is never too late.”

How has your year been?
He is never too late. Whatever you are trusting him for, he can do in a jiffy. He is not so wicked as to let you suffer. He is waiting for the right time to show up for you.

Seasons Greetings.

All my love.

Thanks for stopping by.:)

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2 Replies to “My fight with faith.”

  1. Hmm. I’ve had times I had nothing or reason to believe too, but will just still pull all the strength in me to believe. Some come through, others not.

    But I’ve gotten the understanding of faith (not the spiritual gift) to be based on plain revelations of the scriptures, and that, revelations taught to you by the Holy Spirit himself. Not just what anyone preached.

    Moreover, faith will believe when there’s nothing to believe

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    1. Hmmm. true! I remember a part of the scripture that says that Abraham hoped against all hope. That concurs with your comment that faith will always believe when there’s nothing to believe. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thought.

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