Hello from this other side

Hello beautiful people!!!
Been a while(a really long while).
Just discovered that I’ve not made one post this month. (I know, I know…That’s the height of it. I  indeed don’t have any valid excuse save for the normal ‘I’ve been busy’.
I’m terribly sorry. Pardon me( will ya?)

Okay thanks.
So I’ve not exactly written anything per se in a while. Been hooked on textgram(the app) and have been using it for Editting notes and short poems.

I’ll just post the few ones I’ve made/written so far.

Please do enjoy.




Nb: I’m in the midst of my final exams of my third year.
I promise to deliver a better post next time.

For now, aurevoir. I love every single one of you who take out time to read my posts. And I appreciate you all. Merci…

Nnb: Okay, let me get back to my books

If this is your first time here, please do visit again. And I’ll indeed appreciate comments. Thanks for reading.



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