Confrontations: Yea or nay???


We all get to face people everyday. One way or the other, we might be forced to confront them on behaviors they have that do not sit down well with us or have face-to-face heated talks on issues we do not agree on. These are Confrontations.

I’m of the view of calmly resolving conflicts or simply overlooking them if a confrontation is going to be inevitable. I have been faced with confrontations on many occasions that have further strengthened my view on the negativity that shrouds confrontations.

Little wonder the Bible says 'be angry but sin not'.

However, I do know that some people need to be confronted, some things need to be straightened out no matter what. Nonetheless, I rather stick to my turn a blind eye than strike a loud voice method of resolving conflicts.

I wrote a poem to this effect.

I hate Confrontations
Banters and banters
Back and forth

I hate Confrontations
Of high pitched voices
And stretched out veins

Screams and shouts
Anger and more anger
Passed to and fro from party to party

Its not the confrontations I really hate
Its the aftermath
The silence
The suspense
The uneasy feeling
The distance and break in communication

What say you???
Confrontation, yea or nay???

PS: Shoutout to my friends Uba Doris and Akanle Sunmisola of the University of Ibadan.

If this is your first time here, please do visit again. And I’ll indeed appreciate comments. Thanks for reading.



4 Replies to “Confrontations: Yea or nay???”

  1. I usually don’t get into confrontations because peoples’s minds don’t change easily. I think people are addicted to their own way of thinking. As you say it’s the aftermath and the silence that breaks communication anyway. Thanks for your insightful poem! 🙂

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