I’m a Spyglass Writer😄😄😄

Hey Guys, been a while. Well what can I say? Been a bit busy with a lot. You all probably don’t know but I’m not one to ever be caught idle. I loveeeeeeee to get busy.
Now you will ask ‘what have I been busy with?’. Well, I started athletics. Yayyy!!! Yeah athletics. I really can do it. BTW, its running I got involved in. Hoping to be the next Dibaba(for as many of you who followed the Olympics).

I also have been making plans as I intend to run for a political post. Hehe. Shocking yeah? I’ve never been one to fight for something but this, I’m gonna fight for this. Perhaps this will put some fire in my bones and some strength in my desire.

Back to the topic, I just joined the Spyglass writing team. Its a cool team of amazing writers. We are given assignments weekly to write on a particular subject. So I wrote something on the down syndrome. Do enjoy:


I’m different You say?
I beg to differ
I am not.

I am human like you
I am smart, tough and courageous
My gene does not define me
My chromosome count either.

I’m different. You say?
Yes. I do agree to be.
I’m not the hypocrite that you are
Looking at me through Pity’s lens.

I want love.
I want respect
I want the kind of life you call normal
Just treat me normal. Can you?

This is one of the many I was able to conjure. Hope you enjoyed it. And please do show love and kindness to a child suffering with a disability today especially the down syndrome. They are people too. Treat them well.


Ps: I didn’t get to edit this. I’ll definitely do that later on. The excitement to put this up overwhelmed me.



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