Hello Lovelies☺
Its great to be able to post here again
I’ve been quite busy with examination and all.
And well, I’m not yet done but I’ll soon be.
So, it’s been examination period and I’ve been hearing a lot of ‘I bless God’, ‘I thank God’ as replies to how people’s exam went.

First off, I have to comment that its funny and annoying how some students turn to God during examination period and forget Him afterwards until they need something else from Him.

Second, is it compulsory to ask people how their exam went? Pardon me but sometimes its like ‘do you want to hear me say it was terrible? Of course it was fine.’ I’m just thinking here. I ask the question too.
I guess its just out of courtesy or politeness, to show that one cares. But sometimes, its killing to have to answer that same question over and over and over to different people (don’t mind me o. This is someone who got angry with her parents for not asking how her exams went).

Well, that’s on the side.
What actually prompted this post response-‘Is my questioning the genuineness of people’s response-‘I bless God’ or ‘I thank God’. It seems to me that this has become a routine response to questions of this sort and as such, is can unconscious reply.

The question is- Are You Really Thankful To God?
Does the fact that you answered a question wrong bother you or have you really left it all-in thanks to God? Are you really thankful to God despite the fact that the time wasn’t enough and you couldn’t complete your answers😧? Are you indeed grateful to God or is it just a routine reply borne out of constant practice?

Let me share my experience from the exams I have written so far. Perhaps it might help you understand better…

So in one of the courses I wrote- law of commercial transactions, I happened to know most of the questions and was grateful to God. I answered to the best of ability and knowledge as directed by the Holy spirit. Even the ones it seemed I didn’t know. But that’s not why I’m sharing.
There was a particular question I didn’t really know. I had only read it in passing. And it was quite hard for me to muster something meaningful but I tried.
On completing the answers to all my questions, I realized that there was a question I had not answered which I knew only too well. I had read it with the assurance that it would come out and I’d answer it. As situation would have it , in haste , I had mistaken it to be another question on a topic which I did not read.
It wasn’t until 5minutes to submission that I was going over my script and after proofreading, I decided to even check out the question and Gbam! It turned out to be my favorite Unpaid seller’s remedy. I was so pained.
Like if the time was enough I’d have crossed that which i didn’t really know to answer it. But I couldn’t.
I felt very bad. I was beating myself mentally. I was almost gonna blame God. Why make me skip that question. It was unlike me not to read all the questions before making my choice. I was bothered, torn and felt very bad.
After the exams, people began to ask the usual. ‘How was your paper?’ I replied- it was beautiful.
For indeed it was. I wasn’t looking at that which I didn’t know but the God who I know.
I encouraged myself with the understanding that God knew beforehand the fact that I’d most likely not answer the question . It was at that point that i began to appreciate God indeed. I was grateful for the grace to even know up to 4 out of the 6 questions to answer. I know people who complained about that paper. I was grateful for the grace to answer to an extent that which looked like I knew nothing in.
It was in this light that I encouraged myself. And my spirit was lifted.

That’s what appreciating God does.
Henceforth, appreciate God truly in all that concerns you whether its working out the way you want it or not.
Make it a habit not borne out of unconscious reasoning but of conscious understanding.
I love to Thank the Lord.
Gratefulness flows from the heart.
Enjoy your week



2 Replies to “Gratitude”

  1. Yeah, it’s true. I have a friend like that, who always answer about her exam by saying we thank God. At some point it was annoying but by really delving into it I discovered that we should actually thank God.

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