On dark Friday nights,
She stands at the junction
Known for debauchery,
Awaiting her faithful patron
Or client,
Whichever one lends meaning.

She is known by everyone;
Fair skinned, tall and slender,
Long hair as rich as opulence,
A body that would make
The best models take flight
Or so everyone says.

She never was one to smile or laugh
She had no friends around
Only admirers and haters
Her only acquaintance I think was
The patron
The one whom she faithfully awaited

Rumour had it
That she had her eyes fixed
On the young Man who came
Every Friday night
Else- how was it
That he was her only patron and vice versa?

The truth of it we’ll never know
For I never knew her
We never were close
She stood at her regular stand
As I did at mine
I guess we all were
Creatures of routine

That night,
Her eyes glistened with
What I thought might be joy
Her mouth twitched
As though a smile was to be formed
Her expression made me suspect
That the night was no ordinary night

Her patron arrived
And he too, had in his eyes
The same gleam of joy
For all I know
Those two might as well
Have been planning to
Yes elope.

For after that night,
We never saw her again
Daisy- the beautiful flower
Was gone from amongst us
I hope she’s happy now
Wherever she may be.



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