On the way to GATE

Chichi sat quietly in the bus, a rickety skeleton of what it once was, conveying students from the great Awolowo hall to their different destinations ( either school area or gate). Chichi observed the girls in the bus. Most of them were quietly seated, focused on their phones, texting or doing whatever it was people use their phones for (this days) to avoid feeling awkward amidst strangers.

One of the girls particularly stood out. Not that she looked glam in dressing or facial looks but her vocal expression(which was very vocal) stood her out.
Chichi had noticed her when she was about to board the bus. The girl had been talking incessantly, making jokes that only she and her friend laughed at, talking like she owned the bus (which was not a thing of pride considering its rickety state).
This girl, X, talked on and on until she got to her destination. It was as though she had been talking to herself for Chichi never noticed she was together with a friend until they alighted together and paid their bus fare.

X talked about her courses, about how her lecturers were wicked, her current GP and her plan to make it increase (she was on her way to the library, since it was examination period).

Chichi wondered afterwards why her(X’s) GP was the way it was. It probably wasn’t because of the ‘wicked’ lecturers or ‘tough’ courses she had taken. It most likely was as a result of her loquacity. The fact that she probably talked more than she listened in class, more than she read.

As she droned on and on, letting out facts about her life that the pasengers didn’t care about, Chichi saw the image of an empty barrel- sorry to say, but this girl sure made a hell of a noise.

Once this girl alighted, there was peace in the bus.
Even as she alighted, Chichi began to think about the people in the library. She pitied the ones who would read around where X would. Chichi imagined the way X would talk so much, distracting herself,distracting her friend, distracting other readers.

Perhaps Chichi had judged her too much. Chichi remembered what the bible said about judging others. And that was how she came out of her pool of thoughts.

Alas, she had gotten to the gate where she had other important matters to handle…

© Opara Chizaram Adaobi 2016


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