I made a new friend yesterday.

I made a new friend yesterday. She captured my heart at first sight. I was too busy reading my book to walk up to her and exchange pleasantries.
We sat in silence for up to an hour before I decided to take a break. I needed to talk. I needed to leave the confines of studying.
It was then I walked up to her, where she sat silently and tried to get familiar with her.
I asked for her name and was told it was Chimka. She didn’t ask for my name in return but it was no bother to me.
My new friend had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. She smiled like she had no worries in the world(indeed she had no worries at all).
She explored the world with her eyes, watching in amazement and amusement. She cried loudly like she was the only one around. She knew the world to be an empty space where she could carve her niche.
I wanted her to know the world was cruel, full of many evils. I wanted her to know that no matter what, life would be beautiful for her.
I wanted her to see the world continually the way she saw it now. I wanted her to see life the way she has imagined it.
I wanted her to keep her innocence, not allowing the world corrupt her views.
I wanted her safe.
All this I willed as her carried her in my hand, brooding about her future.
She is still very young but she is my friend.
Chimka, if you ever get to read this, don’t let the world define you. The world will always be beautiful for you baby!!!

PS: Chimka is but a 2month old who I fell in love with yesterday.

Yeah! I’m friendly like that(there you have it).

© Opara Chizaram Adaobi 2016


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