Letter to my future husband

Hello guys! How have you been? Great I hope. I’ve been great myself.😚 Been thinking alot about marriage lately. A friend of mine says I’m desperate (No, I’m not. It actually offends me to be called that). I’m still quite young ( very infact). Desperation would be madness on my part.

Anyways, I just think its a crucial part of everyone’s life and as such should be well thought out. My cousin says it defines your first heaven( lol)- That is, it determines if you get to live a comfortable life on earth before death because of the life partnership it involves).

So, in my thoughts about marriage, I decided to write a letter to my future husband. Here’s it people:


Dear future husband,
I’m hoping you get to see this later in life. You should be informed that I’ve imagined how you will look like, the proposal and I’ve even planned our wedding- all in my head. I’ve imagined a dark cute guy, one who gyms (not too muscled up, but at least fit *winks* ).

I’ve imagined a Yoruba guy, too tush for all that Yorubas are known for. If you do not fit the description aforementioned, then you are not what I imagined (but I do not regret our union).

I’ve prayed for you since I was about 13. Not praying that your mother will be dead before our marriage -Nah. But praying that your parents adopt one as theirs, that your siblings take me as one of them. And if you are the only child- well, that you see me as your sibling too.

I do not only want to be your wife. I want to be your sister, friend, best friend, mother, maybe a bit of a grandmother to you too.
I do not want to be the only one to cook. I do not demand that you do the cooking all the time. I do not demand anything at all. I expect things. I expect that our home is not stereotyped and we do not fall into routine.

I expect that we’d have fights. I do not expect us to keep malice and go on for days without speaking. I expect easy make-ups. I expect that you’d treat me like a queen and you’ll do stuffs for me that’ll make me go “ooooh and aaaah” and will make my friends go “awwwn”.

I expect respect. I’ll definitely give you submission. I’m not the type to ask and ask and ask, giving nothing in return. I’ll clean the house and lay our bed neatly. I’ll dust the shelves and keep your library sturdy. I’ll cook your meals to be the best you’d taste. I’ll pray for you and give you advice all the way. I’ll bear your children (as long as you’ll be by my side during childbirth). I’ll wash your clothes with our washing machine(we must have one oh). I’ll go to court and make you proud by winning my cases.

I’ve always thought of the doctor as my future husband. I will read up stuffs to know about your field.

Do not worry. I’m not coming to take the place of your mother, siblings and friends while pushing the original occupants away. I’m coming to be the best I can be to you.

If I marry you, then you’ve got the fear and love of God. This I appreciate you for.

Dear future husband, I hope for a blissful home for us. I see our thirtieth anniversary even as I write this now. I would not disappoint you even as I trust you won’t me.

I still pray for you baby. Till we meet and the future is materialized, do take good care of yourself.

Your Future Wife,


PS: If you think you might be the One, contact me o. (JK. Lol😂 )

© Opara Chizaram Adaobi 2016


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