This is a poem I wrote, being bothered about the predicament of beggars. I guess its an issue I still don’t have a particular stance on, whether to blame the beggars or the government or just the devil. Anyways, I hope you see this and think up a solution for those poor beggars.



Her hands in my face
Her countenance much too pale
Those rags on her frame
Her frame- a skeletal one
The definition of poverty
In her words,
In her actions,
In her appearance.

Can the constant collection
Of little notes
Improve this sad condition?
No! I think it not.

Standing,kneeling and begging
Daily,weekly,monthly,even yearly
She bears the marks
Of the angry scorching sun
You’d think she was a color
Yes BLACK! The very effect.

Morning,afternoon and evening
Chanting prayers
Heartfelt or not
In a continuous routine
“E ma se orire
Wa yege, wa se aseyori”
Those words of blessings
Leaving her lips
When in contrast
She’s no near blessed

At this gate where she stands
Or sits or kneels as the case may be
She begs habitually like
The beggar at the beautiful gate
As the Good Book recounts.

I doubt she makes enough earnings
Except that to last her for the day.
On other days, I’ll pass her by
Feeling bad I didn’t give
Chiding myself that she could find better options
Than begging

Today however, I passed by her
I gave her nothing,
But my thoughts
I thought:
“Could there ever be a change in status
For a beggar?”
“Could there be ways I could help out?”

I have been critical all the while
I am being logical at this time
I thought and thought
And I’m still thinking
If remedies there be
That I can proffer…

I can’t forget her shallow face
Her gaunt figure as she begged
I can’t forget the sight of her wrapper
Which stench and ‘fadedness’ I dislike
Now I’ve carried with me the vision
Of a poor helpless beggar
I’m looking for solutions
I’m not stopping here
E ma se orire
Wa yege, wa se aseyori”
Mama bless me
As you’d soon be blessed.


Photos from Google.

© Opara Chizaram Adaobi 2016


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