His Lover’s Counsel

I know this is an Igbo setting. Couldn't get the picture i wanted. Didnt want to delay this post. You get the picture anyways right?

Dear one,
Live again!

Death sounds appealing
At the sight of these troubles
I know.

But live
For in life is hope
A hope for better things.

For little Abake
And the smile she always has
At the sight of you.

For Akanni and Ajadi,
Your pals at the farm
In whose company your presence is esteemed.

For Baba and Mama
Old and weary
Who still live to be proud of you.

Live! Dear one
For me, Akanke
Your true love
The one whose heartbeat is yours
Ever ready to run into your waiting arms
To shower you with kisses
A show of our undying love.

Live! Dear one
For if not
It’ll kill me
To see you die.

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