I Refuse To Call The Body -“A Corpse”

All the children are scared. They talk about seeing mother’s ghost. They talk about how frightening it will be to see her body-“the corpse”. They talk about mother’s body like its a terrible object. No! I refuse to do that with them.

Tomorrow, we are going to bury mother. Her body will go 6ft down the ground. This is horrible enough. I’ve cried my eyes out since she died. I’ve wept at our loss and I’ve considered it most- My Loss.

Everyone is talking about mother’s body like she is an object. Uncle Max was saying “let’s move the corpse”.  Daddy was saying that he didn’t want his children “to see the corpse”. 

Why does everyone keep calling the body ‘a corpse’? I’m not perplexed or confused. I’m just annoyed. I know she is gone , but why not give her some last respect by calling her body – “her body”. Why “the corpse?”

The corpse sounds like a distant thing we do not want a part of. It sounds like an object with a horrid smell. It sounds like something you would not want to see or touch or be around. But mother, mother’s body can never be all these. It is  was her body after all.

I refuse to call the body “a corpse”- for it sounds not only distant but derogatory. Of all the ‘corpse callers’, I’m angry with father the most. He who once confessed love for mother could stoop to the standard of calling her body “a corpse”. He who was her best friend could not simply call her body “her body”. I guess indeed like their vows stated, death has done them part!

But if nobody, if those uncles of mine, those cousins of mine, those sisters of mine and the rest of the family feel distanced from mother enough to call her body “a corpse” , then shame on them. For I, whom mother had loved dearly and who had loved her equally as much; I, who mother called “angel”; I, who had played with mother’s hair at leisure; I, who was mother’s wardrobe manager; I, who admired mother’s beautiful fair skin and complemented her daily; I, who taught her the art of make up. I’ll never call her body “a corpse”. Her body remains “her body” even in death as it was in life.

And if I hear another mention of ” the corpse”( referring to her body), I’ll SCREAM!!!!


8 Replies to “I Refuse To Call The Body -“A Corpse””

  1. In all fairness, the body- no offense- is without the soul and/or consciousness… It’s empty… Calling the body what it is also helps with the acceptance that the host is gone. However, I do acknowledge your emotion towards the woman.

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