I haven’t been the best friend. I’ve not been the best of people. To think that I’d I’ve gotten better over the years, only to realize that I’m still far off from the goal. You know what burst my bubble? Someone I knew over 6years ago saw me and was like ” you haven’t changed sha”. I’m sure you think its a nice thing. But no. It wasn’t to me. It felt like my christian life hadn’t had its effect. Like my bad behavior was still in place. Like I wasn’t even a different person.
I like to see myself as someone different. Someone whose speech manifests God’s love now. Someone whose anger had been dissolved. Someone who forgave more easily.
So perhaps I’m not there yet. But I’m not giving up on myself. I, being like Paul, will keep pressing on to that goal until I attain the prize.
So maybe I’ve changed. I see the truth for what it is now. Accept corrections better. I’m truthful to myself. But if this isn’t evident yet, then I’ve got to work harder.

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2 Replies to “Invisible”

  1. At some points we realize we’ve not been the best of people. We need growth. A blind person doesn’t see the wrong in himself. When you can SEE, accept and work on your faults, Oh then you’re changed and so beautiful


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