The Rumour

Mama Asabe was plaiting ‘kiko’ for her daughter Remi. Remi was not sitting still. At intervals, her mother would knock her head with the ‘Ilarun’ as they called it. Remi would yelp in pain shouting ‘yeeee!’ as she adjusted and allowed her mother continue the plaiting.
Little Saamu as they called Samuel was playing with the red muddy clay;moulding different shapes of objects along with his friends-Yaya and Bala.
Mama Vero and Iya Tawa were busy gossiping about the most recent village gist- ‘the divorce of the King’s daughter’. It had never happened in the history of Madelakun Village that a person would divorce their spouse.
King Adegbala was being blamed for his daughter’s move of divorce. The Princess,Adeoti, had divorced the Prince,Lade, based on the mere fact that he intended to marry another wife. One much younger and probably more fertile as rumour had it.
This was but a normal custom for the people. The husband could marry more than one wife especially when the first wife was unable to give birth within reasonable period.
Princess Adeoti had been barren for four years and counting. This was unlike the women of Madelakun. They usually got pregnant within at least a year of marriage.
The fact that the princess had divorced her husband sent tongues wagging. The people felt she was being too whitey.Perhaps because her father had shown her the way of the oyibos-civilization,by sending her to school abroad. Now she had come back to scrunch up her nose at their decades long custom. First she had initially refused to marry the prince to whom she had been betrothed to by alliance, calling the arrangement a denial of her right to choose. Then she had gone ahead to refuse wearing the traditional attire tailored for her ,choosing only to dress in English wears. Perhaps they should have known that a calamity as this was to come after, since she had chosen to adopt the English way of doing things.
This is why, said iya Tawa , I will not allow Tawakalitu to go to the oyibo man’s land.

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