Pictures: memories



I’m sure you are wondering what the pictures are about. Well, a good friend of mine started this photography thing and I decided to model for him. I’m so proud of the outcome. And because of that, I decided to share the pictures😁. Weird huh!
When this isn’t Instagram or any of those pictures sharing social media platform. Anyways I hope you see this picture and love the work.
Anyways, AllyPhotos (my friend’s business name) is willing to take your pictures and create beautiful memories with and for you. Simply follow @allyphotos on Instagram and DM him. Gracias

And don’t I just look beautiful being a model?(proud of the God in me)…As a budding lawyer though, I can’t toll this path.

Meanwhile why don’t you take a beautiful picture today. It could become a way to preserve that beautiful memory. Take selfies, ,groupies, create memories, treasure them, preserve them. That’s the essence of this whole long boring story.

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