The Answer To Life’s Questions

After attending Shiloh 2015, one profound thing I took with me was ‘the answer to life’s questions’.  Papa said that Matthew 6 vs 33 was the answer to life’s question.
This verse simply says ‘ seek the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and he will give you everything you need ‘.
Isn’t this amazing???
Just seeking God and living righteously entitles you to all your needs. That’s awesome!
That established,you may ask how do I seek God?
And the reply is….by getting involved in everything that relates to Him(being committed in your local church, being faithful in givings, being consistent in your quiet time and so many other ways). Seeking involves searching. You can seek God by searching for Him in His word and in His house.
Thus, inasmuch as I’m no preacher, I implore you all to seek God first this year and see if indeed that answers the question(s) you are faced with in your life.
God bless you.


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