She Wrote Today

And so I finally created a blog! This is my first post people!!! Enjoy notwithstanding whatever loops it might contain.

she wrote today

Yesterday she picked up a pen,
A blank paper
And a writing mood
But laziness came along

She pushed away the pen
She had lost the inspiration the mood brought

“Tomorrow I’ll write”,She thought
With that she dropped
The pen
The paper
Even the mood

Tomorrow came
Tomorrow went
Tomorrow was to come again

Every tomorrow became a today
Upon which another tomorrow was to come


It came and went
Came and went
Until Alas! Today finally came

She wrote and wrote
With determination
And fierceness

She wrote and wrote
Of inspiration
Quite priceless

She wrote and wrote
She wrote and wrote

Finally, She completed
That which was pushed till ‘tomorrow’

Today finally came
Today,She wrote.

This poem is a prototype of my personal experience. I’m quite lazy especially when it comes to writing.But as from henceforth I’m gonna keep writing until the paper concedes defeat.You too can do so.
Please drop comments.Thanks for reading…


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